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      Henry Global Consulting Group (HGCG)

      HGCG was established in 1995 and incorporated in 1998,which is a professional firm providing services in wide areas including study abroad and visa consulting, immigration agent, overseas family settlement and new business development, related to different countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and England, etc.. In the biggest immigration and study abroad market, China, this name is recognized as the most reliable and professional brand. It is the only one company in China who has four branches in USA and eight direct branches in Canada, and more than 30 direct subdivisions in China locating in almost all the provincial capital cities and other major cities. Beijing office has around 300 full time staff with an office size of around 30,000 sq ft in the CBD region. >>more


      The president, founder and controlling shareholder of this company is Dr. Henry Zou (Canadian Citizen). Dr. Zou received his PH.D. Degree from McMaster University in Canada in 1991, then worked as a research scientist with Atomic Research Canada until he started his consulting business in 1995. Since he was original from China, he identified the China is the biggest immigration and study abroad market in the world and established his business which focus on assisting Chinese nationals to immigrate and study to USA and Canada.

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      HGCG China Beijing head quarter

      Address:16th Floor, Taikang Financial Tower, No.38 Dongsanhuan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing,China.
      Zip code:100026
      Tel:010-85911788 010-85879811

      HGCG Shanghai

      Address:Room 2510, Building 1, Qiye Tiandi, NO.222, Hubin Road, Huangpu District,Shanghai,China
      Zip code:200025
      Tel:021-6333 3636

      HGCG Chengdu

      Address:No.1,4th Floor, Office Building T1,LaiFuShi,South Renmin Road,Chengdu,China
      Zip code:610016
      Tel:028-86202171 028-86202071
      Phone on duty:13908063028 13808067028

      Blog News


      20年專業辦理加拿大、美英等國移民留學等業務的出國咨詢機構,擁有加拿大8家、美國4家、中國境內50余家直屬分支機構,成功案例數萬。 more...


      20年專業辦理加拿大、美英等國移民留學等業務的出國咨詢機構,擁有加拿大8家、美國4家、中國境內50余家直屬分支機構,成功案例數萬。 more...

      地址:北京市朝陽區東三環北路38號1號樓泰康金融大廈16層 郵編:100026 網站地圖

      全國熱線: 400-699-0808 北京總部: 010-85911788 24小時熱線:13801061639 傳真: 010-85879821

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